If you need a passionate, talented financial writer who can help make your business, brand, or website soar above the rest via excellent content — you’ve found that writer.

I really enjoy working with companies that value meaningful articles and resources that empower users to improve their financial lives.

I bring years of experience in the finance industry to the table, and have a large network of trained, educated, and certified experts and professionals to use as sources. This empowers me to do more original reporting and gives me additional avenues for research to inform my writing for your blog, brand, or company.

I know are a lot of freelance financial writers out there. I believe there are two main qualities I possess that set me apart from the pack:

  • The level of care and detail in the pieces I produce is rare. I take the time and effort to make sure the information needed to be expressed to inform and educate the audience is there, accurate, and disseminated in such a way that people understand and feel compelled to take action. My writing style is informative and educational while being approachable and human.
  • In addition to being a skilled writer, I’m a content marketer. I understand that content written for websites and blogs isn’t just a piece of writing: it’s an asset that can help generate leads, increase business revenues, and drive growth. I can the entire picture and understand the point and goals of a finished piece of published content. That helps inform my writing, making it SEO friendly (while still remaining human!) and designed to flow smoothly through a business’ content marketing machine.

I’d love to help you with your content needs. Want to get started? View my portfolio below or email me at kalihawlk@gmail.com.

My Specialties Include:

Money and personal finance
Business and careers
Writing and blogging
Entrepreneurship and freelancing
Women’s issues

I'd Love to Help You Write Your:

Blog posts
Website copy
Email campaigns
Lead magnets
Whitepapers and reports
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