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Simply running a successful business is hard enough. But you need to do more than just serve your current clients. You need to market yourself and what you offer to generate new business and keep your prospect pipeline full of leads.

And in the modern, digital economy, just having a static website isn’t enough for continued growth. You need blog posts, email marketing, a social media presence, and much more to support your products and services and build a devoted audience.

Oh yeah, you also need to find the time to create, manage, distribute, and promote all the content required for your marketing efforts (after you plan, strategize, organize, and hold yourself accountable along the way) on top of all the other things you do to run your business and make your clients happy.

Feeling overwhelmed yet? No worries. You have a number of content marketing services at your fingertips that make your life easier, your business better, and your time less restricted so you’re free to focus on what’s most important: your clients.

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If you're wondering where to start...

Content Marketing Foundation

Start here if you have no digital marketing infrastructure -- or if what you do have is a total mess.

Content Marketing Management

The perfect solution if you want someone else to handle your marketing month-to-month.

A La Carte Options

Need just a blog post and a newsletter? Want a page of copy for your site? Get only what you need here.

Content Marketing Consulting

Receive help with strategy or get answers to a few big pressing questions. It's like a personal CMO on call.

Why Content Marketing?
How does content marketing work?

Content marketing is the process of creating compelling content as a strategy that allows you to share your story in a way that resonates with the exact people you want as customers and clients.

You don’t need to sell anyone if you create useful, helpful content. The right content can expand your reach, establish your authority, increase your influence, attract prospects and leads, and most importantly, build an audience for your and your business.

Content marketing is just the term. What that really means is using opportunities to use content to create an audience of people who show up for you because they like, trust, and admire you and the work you do.

How does content marketing add value to a business?

Creating content means sharing who you are — and of course, why you do what you do. As people, we deeply desire the kind of connection that comes from sharing stories and ourselves. That’s what content marketing is for, and that’s why it’s the best way to gain influence and clients for your business.

Content marketing adds value to businesses because it is the best way to achieve big, long-term goals like generating sustainable growth and establishing authority within industries. This way of marketing allows us to show up as our authentic selves and just share in the interest of serving someone else value.

Using content marketing means businesses can educate their prospects first instead of pressing them for sales. It gives you the most opportunity to build authentic relationships with others, because content gives us a way to educate, inspire, and attract the right people with problems we can solve.

Instead of selling people, buying their attention with advertising, or trying to interrupt and convince them of your value, content marketing gives you the means to create a space where people want to come to you. It's a holistic, comprehensive approach to marketing that best serves the people you market to because they feel seen, heard, and empowered.

Why is content marketing a "people first" approach to growing your business?

This way of marketing makes a positive impact and puts people first. It allows you to actually serve them and deliver value, regardless of whether they pay you for a product or service.

Content marketing means you can do business, increase revenue, and grow -- but in a way that focuses on the needs of others and solves someone else’s problem and helps them live a better life.

This method takes our human need for telling -- and hearing -- stories and uses it to help others while also helping our own businesses and bottom lines. Content marketing is the professional way of sharing your story, knowledge, skills, and expertise in a way that touches those around you and inspires others to take action.

When we create and distribute content, we make and share more stories. People express themselves. They explore and see more. And life is better that way.

Creating compelling content that’s good, valuable, useful, and helpful starts a domino effect that results in people who are more empowered and better educated about solutions and opportunities in their lives.

Content Marketing Services

Get everything you need to successfully use content marketing to gain influence and get clients.

Content Marketing Foundation

One-time, 3-month engagement that creates and implements an infrastructure for content marketing

Content Marketing Management

Month-to-month solution to fully outsource content marketing tasks for your firm.

Content Creation (A La Carte Content)

Pick just the content you need -- or design yourself a custom package of services.

Content Marketing Consulting

Get on-demand access to an experienced, certified professional who can show you what's next for your firm.

Content Marketing Foundation

This solution is a one-time engagement to provide you with a foundation for your content marketing efforts that:

-- Generates and drive traffic to your site through great content and smart SEO
-- Captures the leads that you drive to your site through lead magnets and an opt-in system
-- Nurtures the leads you capture over time through campaigns, newsletters, and other communications via email
-- Provides you with a pipeline of prospects you can convert into clients

Stage 1: Strategy

  • Create goals
  • Identify niche market and target audience
  • Clarify brand voice and tone
  • Draft a marketing strategy and plan

Stage 2: Build Out

  • Audit website and provide action steps for changes if necessary
  • Perform SEO and keyword search
  • Develop content strategy
  • Create blog planner and editorial calendar
  • Set up social media accounts complete with profiles and headers (or update existing)
  • Establish checklist for content creation and processes to follow (including best practices and promotion guidelines)

Stage 3: Implementation

  • Set up lead capture and nurture system (suggested tools: Thrive Leads or LeadPages and MailChimp; platform costs not included)
  • Develop default opt-in forms for posts, pages, sidebars, and main site
  • Create default lead magnet to deliver to captured leads
  • Write default automated response to send to nurtured leads

Cost for the Content Marketing Foundation is $2,999.

Content Marketing Management

Your job is to serve clients — not to strategize, create, organize, publish, and promote content. But content marketing can help grow your business and keep your prospect pipeline full. We can work together so you can outsource your content marketing tasks entirely and get back to doing the work you enjoy and is most important to you.


$699 / month
  • Site management
  • 1 blog post (includes writing, editing, SEO, uploading, formatting, and scheduling post)
  • Social media content for 1 network
  • 1 email campaign


$1,199 / month
  • Site management
  • Content strategy and editorial calendar
  • 2 blog posts (includes writing, editing, SEO, uploading, formatting, and scheduling post)
  • 2 images per post (one for your site and one for sharing on social media)
  • Social media content for 2 networks
  • 1 email campaign


$2,199 / month
  • Site management
  • Content strategy and editorial calendar with keyword research
  • 4 blog posts (includes writing, editing, SEO, uploading, formatting, and scheduling post)
  • 2 images per post (one for your site and one for sharing on social media)
  • Social media content for 2 networks
  • 2 email campaigns

Content Creation

Available on an A La Carte Basis

Just need the content? Pick what you need and we'll create it for you:

Blog Posts
Social Media Content and Management
Email Newsletters or Campaigns
Webpage Copy and Landing Pages
Press Releases
Copyediting and Proofreading
Website Maintenace and Management

Don't See What You Need?

What's listed here can help you start thinking about the specific ways we can work together -- but it doesn't define the limit of what we can accomplish.

If you're looking for something specific or unique, we develop a custom engagement (either one-time or ongoing) tailored to your exact needs.

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