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Appropriate Reactions to Common Financial Situations (A Story Told in GIFs)

As personal finance bloggers, we spend a lot of time writing how we perceive and think about news, information, or trends in the financial world. We compose thoughtful posts that inform, educate, and provoke discussion. But sometimes, nothing expresses how you feel more accurately and succinctly than a GIF. Today, I thought we’d have a bit of fun and look at how we’d all really like to respond to some common financial situations using every Millennial’s favorite method of sharing reactions. Enjoy!

When you first grasp how powerful compound interest is:

When someone tries to impress you by telling you how much their stuff cost:

When you realize you really can make extra money by freelancing on the side:

When anyone uses “YOLO” as an excuse not to be fiscally responsible:

When people try to sell you stuff you don’t need:

When you fail to track your spending or use some method for budgeting:

When media outlets start freaking out about stock market futures being down more than two days in a row:

When you transfer money to your savings/investment accounts:

When you found out about “travel hacking” and how much money you could save:

When people ask if they should invest in more than just their employer-sponsored retirement plan:

When your friend is telling you about their next big idea get rich quick scheme:

When you pay off your debt (or reach a big financial goal):

When anybody mentions anything about taxes:

When you read Yahoo! Finance articles on people who make over $100k but “are broke”:

When people think their money is safer in a low-interest checking account (rather than being invested):

When you realized what all was possible by saving larger percentages of your income:

When you see your net worth inching upward:

When you first start a side hustle and haven’t figured out how to manage your time:

When you try to explain how awesome financial independence is and your friends don’t get it:

When someone actually takes your financial advice:


Β All GIFs found via these sources: ReactionGIFS, Pleated Jeans, & What Should We Call Me


  1. All of these Parks and Rec gifs have me cracking up. This is hilarious!

  2. This is awesome Kali! My favorite is the “Damn right I am somebody.”

  3. ha ha very cute, and all very true!

  4. Ha! Nice!
    Yep, that about sums it up!

  5. haha love this! Compound interest is where it’s at!

  6. I think those orca whales are so awesome. That’s totally how I feel when I make my monthly headway on my net worth :)

  7. Okay, I’ve been a quiet reader around here for a while but I *had* to comment on this post β€” these are PER. FECT! And though I’m not a pf blogger myself, I’ve picked up so much knowledge being a loyal reader of many {including this one!! :)} that the second to last one is SO REAL to me! Thanks for this post β€” it had me rolling! :)

    • Thanks Alyssa! I think the second to last was my favorite.. it’s just spot on! I really appreciate you being a regular reader and am so glad you took the time to comment today. It means a lot!

  8. Laughed my head off at this thanks so much for putting this together. Love the side hustle gif! :)

  9. Thanks for a fun post, Kali! Tons of good stuff there.

  10. My favorite is the guy that comes up around 6 feet short of dunking on a 10 foot rim, WITH a trampoline.

    • The very first time I saw that one, I couldn’t stop laughing. I felt bad for cracking up – but the way he just is totally committed in the air and then ends up completely flat on the ground is too much!

  11. I’M DYING!!!! This was so clever, hysterical and AWESOME! I’m sure it took a lot of time to put together, but it makes the point (or points!) in such an engaging way.


  12. This made me laugh so hard. Failing to track your spending / budgeting was the best. And managing your time (aka falling on your face)…

  13. My sides hurt! It’s a good thing I work alone…I would have had serious looks from neighbours if I were still a member of the cubicle jungle.

    …and I can TOTALLY relate to the “side hustle” gif!

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