Kali Hawlk WriterMy name’s Kali Hawlk, and I’m passionate about using my skills and abilities to help others achieve their goals and dreams. And I know what it takes!

I built my own website up from scratch, going from absentmindedly blogging to an audience of two (thanks, Mom and Dad) to being named one of US News’ and World Report’s 37 Personal Finance Experts to Follow on Twitter. I created my own career in finance and inbound marketing and I successfully live out my dream of writing for a living.

Now, I help creatives learn how to live mindfully and with intention through Off The Rails, a mentorship platform for creative women I co-founded with Shannon McNay. I also work as a freelance writer and marketing consultant for financial advisors.

I believe we should all strive to forget about using someone else’s instruction book for life. Stop following the general guidelines that keep the sheep safely with the flock, and start asking questions about how you can create and make more for yourself.

Wait for nothing and no one. Start digging into your own self and discover what you truly want. Then get after it relentlessly, tenaciously.

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Who I Am: I’m a.. Writer. Fan of finances. Creative, artistic, quirky soul. B.A.-of-history holder. Bookworm. Animal lover. Outdoorsy person. Passionate about helping others achieve happiness by recognizing and fulfilling their callings. Introvert. Enthusiast of all things marketing and media. Positive thinker (most of the time). Perpetual learner.

What I Do: I’m a freelance writer and editor and the director of marketing for XY Planning Network. I also help educate, empower, and encourage others to recognize and fulfill their callings at Off The Rails.

Where I Am: Best place to reach me is on Twitter @KaliHawlk or dropping me a line at kalihawlk [at] gmail [dot] com. If you’re looking for where my writing lives, you can check out my personal blog on this site, view my portfolio on Contently, or check out my work on Medium.

Why I’m Here: My drive to do and be all of the above comes from my desire to be productive, useful, and helpful. My purpose is to blaze a different trail to the top so that others may find an easier path to the same success.